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I had a ‘moment’ the other day, I feel it might be too much to call it an epiphany – let’s just say I came to a realisation.

I don’t smile enough. I’m not Mrs. Grumpy a Pants either, but my neutral face is… Neutral? Bored looking I suppose. Sometimes very intense and serious so my Mother tells me.

It’s not a super exciting topic for a blog post I suppose, but I think I’ve made it pretty clear from the outset that I am a nineteen year old girl who works at a bookshop. If you were expecting more than a few sporadic posts featuring droll recounts of embarrassing incidents and running commentary of awkward and intense over-analysing of EVERYTHING in life, I’m afraid you are very lost.

So yes, if you’ve read up to here you’re probably wondering what it was that made me come to the realisation that I don’t smile enough. In summary, I was watching a video that had a part in which a lovely chorus were singing. The singing was great and everyone looked pretty chuffed that they were so note perfect, but there was this one guy who looked like he was having a ball! There were intervals between singing and in those moments the camera would zoom in so the conductor was mid-frame. At first I was paying attention to the conductor, because he was mid-frame duh. However my focus began to shift to the guy who was standing basically in the middle of the first row, just behind the choir conductor. You could only see the bottom half of his face but that was all you needed to really see to keep you distracted for the whole of the interval. He had this smile that just lit up the screen. The thing about his smile was that it was so very natural, it was as though he had so much happiness in his being that he simply could not contain it within himself so he just beamed from ear to ear.

Later when they started singing again, I kept an eye on Mr. Smiley in particular and saw that even whilst singing, he was still smiling. It was one of those smiles you see before someone cracks up, like when you’re super embarrassed to be singing karaoke because you hate it but were forced, so you’re trying to sound half-decent but you don’t want to sound like you’re trying too hard but your friend keeps singing loudly and way off-tune just to make you laugh but you’re obviously trying to contain yourself… Ahem, I’m sure everyone can relate…

The point is. I’m a pretty happy person. Not because I’m particularly cheerful (my mother can vouch for that) but because I’ve been blessed enough to have a pretty decent life! Smiles are universally recognised as a happy thing so I feel I should do it more so people can see how I’m feeling, even when I’m not talking to someone or thinking about an amusing anecdote. My ‘normal’ face should have a smile, because not everyone has that luxury of being content. If I’m privileged enough to be able to smile honestly, I should do so and hopefully be able to bring everyone around me a teensy bit of joy when they walk past me and see me smiling at everyone and everything.

I feel like my generation of peeps are so very ignorant of many things, in particular social etiquette and communication. Because of this, our elders always remind us of the importance of first impressions and how we need to come across as warm and friendly at job interviews and social gatherings and other things. Of course, first impressions are important, but something nice to think about is that there are a countless number of individuals who we will never properly ‘meet’. These are the people who you will walk past in shopping centres, line up behind in toilet queues and brush up awkwardly against on public transport. In these situations, you only get to make fleeting impressions. Sure I may never see them again, maybe I’ll never even get to the point of exchanging any words with them at all; but wouldn’t I like to be remembered – if only for a second in a fuzzy, candid shot in someone’s mind’s eye – as ‘that happy looking girl who was cleaning the shelves in the bookshop’? Yep. I totes do. šŸ™‚