I got my first ever job back in August through a reference from a family friend to a bookshop owner. Needless to say I got the job after being trained for about a month. Around the world I’m sure people are getting their first jobs every minute of the day so it isn’t that interesting a topic of conversation, but for me – a girl starting to find her way in the world – this job was a big deal. This job signified the beginning of me actually becoming an adult. This realisation scared me senseless.

I started up this blog with the intention of maintaining my writing skill, improving it even, but I hadn’t a clue as to what direction I wanted to take it in. I sort of just wrote about whatever I felt like which is what a lot of bloggers do and is what works for them. Me? Not so much. I’m a pretty airy-fairy kind of person already so for me to actually accomplish anything, I need to have a structure or theme to keep me in check and on track.

After much thought and deliberation I decided I wanted to continue blogging, and not in the way I have been doing just jumping around everywhere. I needed a theme, something that linked all my posts together. Lots of blogs I read centre around a hobby or are a glimpse into a person’s creative work, things I can’t really write about because I haven’t really done anything…

Then it hit me. I haven’t done anything. I’m a young, naive, inexperienced person who is trying to work out how to be an adult. If I were in a book it would be a Bildungsroman/Coming-of-age novel. If I were a character part it would be a gauche and ignorant ingenue. Since I’ve started working I have experienced many moments where I have wanted to slap myself in the face because of my own stupidity. I have dealt with so many situations so gracelessly and faced much distress from the ensuing awkwardness because of my faux pas. I am the least suitable person to be giving advice to anyone about anything which is why I feel like in this blog I will be doing exactly that. Confused?

I propose to use this blog to recount amusing anecdotes, vent my frustrations but also give out my honest and humble opinions on how to best handle unfamiliar ‘grown up’ situations as I face them myself. For those who are older and wiser, or perhaps are simply just less sheltered than me; I expect you to find my blog quite silly, but hopefully in a good way! For those in the same situation as me aka: ignorant teen who is scared of responsibility – I hope you find solace in knowing that yes, “there is somebody out there who is as clueless as me and who isn’t scared to admit it!”

I need to think of a sign off or something… See ya.