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YES. It has finally happened and I have a job! Yeah, yeah it was bound to happen sooner or later and everyone has a job big deal! To me though, there were so many times where I felt so sick of feeling dependent on my parents and stuck in that grey area between adolescent and adult. I’ve only technically got a trial at a bookshop, but I’m fairly sure it means something because in between little jumps and mental fist pumps I heard the bookshop owner say the word “induction”. Whatever. Even if this ends up turning into nothing, it’s the boost I needed and I’m feeling a lot more positive about life in general!

In other news, I have been quite busy squirrelling away at my writing. I missed a week posting last week but it’s because of another little project I’ve been working on. I’ve just begun contributing to an online music magazine called http://hhhhappy.com and here is my first little article: http://hhhhappy.com/2014/06/27/the-soorleys/

So, change is in the air and I’m feeling quite optimistic and excited about things that are happening and things to come. I’ll try to keep regular with posting and be more creative with what I’m writing. I’ve got some pretty little ideas but trying to make those ideas sound as good on paper as they do in my head is a bit of a challenge. No picture today because I’m not bothered, I have linked some things though so let’s be content with that.