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I have decided to try and write about a lot of different things in order to keep things ‘fresh’ and ‘cool’. Or, because I’m scared I’ll get boring and just stay in my comfort zone all the time.

So, this post is dedicated to my love of fashion. Yes it may sound terribly frivolous, but I am a girl and I do love things that are pretty. The fear I have with beauty/fashion blogging is that I’ll either come across as an air-headed superficial diva, or I’ll be quite sheepish and embarrassed in my tone. Of course I know that there is no shame in caring and sharing your opinions on clothing, far from it; I take dress and grooming quite seriously- but as a nineteen-year-old with no money, job or experience it does seem like a task best left to the expert couturiers and stylists. Anyways, enough of my childish insecurities. Here are some pretty photos with commentary.



Audrey is every girl’s inspiration, fashion and otherwise and though I could list off a million reasons why she is so awesome; I’ll stick to why she inspires me in terms of fashion and beauty. Simply put, Audrey could wear couture or an old sweater and look equally amazing both ways. Always UNDERSTATED and ELEGANT, Audrey made the clothes work for her.




Taylor Swift is kind of a hot topic and people have opinions of her. I personally love her for music reasons and personality reasons but here we are focusing on fashion and beauty reasons. I love that Taylor always knows when and how to change up her style as she grows up, and I admire her classiness in a world where that is becoming a rare and ‘outmoded’ thing. Also the girl has the SHINIEST hair and OWNS the red lip.




I am pretty hopeless with making my hair look presentable in any way, but it is a long-term dream of mine to master the art of pin-curling and finger waving. Vintage hair-styling is just so amazing, and I don’t even know how women managed to look FABULOUS all the time whilst fighting chauvinism.




Alannah Hill is one of the few Australian designer brands which makes me drool! All GIRLINESS, ruffles, lace and flowers AH makes deliciously FEMININE clothing and accessories which are good enough to eat!




My favourite perfume. Christian Dior is probably my favourite couture brand but I’ll probably never be able to buy Dior anything except fragrances and makeup if I scrimp and save! Dior is such an INDULGENT and EXTRAVAGANT brand which I feel represents femininity itself.




To a beauty newb like me, Lisa Eldridge with her DECADES of make-up experience is a saviour! What I love is that she is already a HUGELY famous make-up artist who has celebrity clients and must be so busy, but she sets aside time to make youtube videos to teach us poor newbs who will never be able to afford a professional make-up artist to make us look perfect all the time!

Ok, I could go on forever but this is already a long post so I’m going to stop. Also, I don’t like the look of this post. I feel weird, beauty blogging is definitely NOT my strong point…