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A couple of things have been happening to me lately, namely the whole tiresome business of growing-up and having to actually do grown-up things like finding a job which involves many applications and interviews and in my case at least, some undignified grovelling…


On another much happier note, I am trying to expand my horizons and challenge myself through my writing. Just this month I have been involved in a very sweet little project known as http://www.theforgottenbookshelf.com/ which is a little website/blog where you can discover literature which is ‘forgotten’ in many senses of the word. In the commercial world that we live in it can be hard to sift through all the rubbish to find those shiny gems, especially when the rubbish is covered in glitter and rhinestones which can mislead. TFB doesn’t claim to have found all these gems, on the contrary, some of the books reviewed are actually loathed by the reviewer. The point of TFB is to help you find good books, even great books which have somehow gone under the radar for whatever reason. My first review is of the very underrated ‘Northanger Abbey’ by the super-famous Jane Austen, a book I feel is overshadowed by the likes of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Emma’ (Pride and Prejudice is my personal favourite) which is a shame because it is a very snarky and amusing gem of a book which deserves much more recognition.


So, my posts from now on may be fewer or of a lower quality. On the other hand, I might be great and things might be fine and dandy and my posts could get much better! Though if the former happens, you’ll know why.