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This is a predicament I am finding myself in as of right now. Applying for every single job I can find online, writing a cover letter for each application, cold-calling and giving copies of my resume out like fliers and then waiting… and waiting…
The annoying thing is that the jobs I apply for aren’t flashy ones. They are usually entry level retail jobs and admin jobs, generally customer service roles which aren’t that hard to figure out, and just because I have no experience in working, automatically I’m a clueless idiot!

I see retail assistants who are like zombified teenagers who are constantly texting and/or on facebook, these hopeless people who know nothing about the products they’re selling or what they have in their shop. This infuriates me because even though they’re completely useless and stupid dingbats, THEY can get the job and I can’t?!


Employers, I have never worked, this is true. But not because I’ve been lazing around! I spent a year in Vietnam immersing myself in a different culture and improving my Vietnamese language skills, I have supervised my little brother’s schoolwork and have been studying at TAFE. I’m not an idle slacker living on the taxpayer’s money! I actually want to work!
I hate resumes, I hate that people will judge me based on a piece of paper. A piece of paper which only shows that I’m young and inexperienced. Why can’t someone just interview me on the spot. A once-over, a couple of personality questions and a two week trial?
Why is everything about certificates and experience these days? What happened to old-fashioned common sense, friendly manners and elbow grease? Isn’t that really what customer service all about?