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By reading my first post you would know that I am a somewhat nervous individual. I consider myself as something of an introvert, not meaning that I am afraid of or dread social interaction; but that I like to be in control of aforementioned social interactions. Another thing which I find hard to deal with is the loss of anonymity, especially on the internet.
Ginger Tuppence is a pseudonym which allows me a smidgen of freedom to express thoughts and feelings however badly worded and grammatically incorrect as I like without having to worry my old English teacher or snarky classmates will come across and mock me for.
The epic origins behind the name isn’t awfully dramatic. It didn’t come to mind like a blinding epiphany or sneaking idea. It was merely the combining of two things I very much like which sound, at least to me, cute together!
Ginger comes from Ginger Rogers, the glamourous actress, dancer and singer with kittenish beauty and who was spunk personified. I don’t know much about her actual personality other than she had a lot of husbands and could be a little bit of a diva sometimes. The reason I chose her name to be the first half of my pseudonym was because of how much I love Astaire and Rogers’ films. They are among my favourite because of how elegant, light-hearted and other-worldly they are to a bored young girl like me who suffers from a bad case of false nostalgia.

Tuppence is Tuppence Beresford, the character created by Agatha Christie who makes up one half of her less prominent crime-solving duo ‘Tommy and Tuppence’. Tuppence is a sharp, impulsive and gutsy character who loves a bit of mischief and would stare danger in the eye, make a sarcastic remark and lift her eyebrows in very English disdain. I love T&T stories because they are a whole lot of fun! Only Agatha Christie can write crime and make it light and humourous. Well, that’s all really. I feel stupid talking to an imaginary audience so I’ll stop now.

Sincerely awkward, Ginger Tuppence.