Blogging is one of those things I appreciate from afar. Whenever I read a good blog post I usually admire the casual and effortless writing style with which the blogger writes, appreciate the uniqueness of their opinions and lose myself in this micro-bubble which is their creative world.
I have never thought of myself as a particularly creative person. I don’t think of myself as a very interesting person either, which is why all my previous attempts at starting a diary or blog have failed after a few measly entries. I feel that writing about myself is a peculiar and very self-indulgent thing to do. Perhaps it’s my self-consciousness which is the problem. I constantly worry about what people think of me, if people think of me, if they think I think too much of what others think of me…
So you ask, why am I torturing myself? There are a few reasons: Firstly, ever since I graduated from high school I’ve begun losing my ability to write and I see this as a way of combatting the problem. Secondly, I would like to write articles that are publishable in the way of earning some income, not make a career out of it, just to have something to fall back on. Thirdly, I want to challenge myself, push my boundaries and get out of my comfort zone… I make blogging sound like an extreme sport…
I like to go into everything with 0% confidence and no expectations; in this way, I’m never disappointed and things can only get better! Is this a mentally unhealthy and incredibly stupid way of thinking? Probably, but it’s the way I’m comfortable with and so I’ll stick to it. Well, I feel like I’m talking to nobody and that I’m being very pretentious so this is the end of my first post.

Vivid 2012

Overly anxious, Ginger Tuppence